What is Coaching?

I trained directly with Dr. Helmstetter and became certified by the Life Coach Institute, the world’s most experienced life coach organization.


This coaching system was first developed in the 1970s, before even the term “life coach” had come into popularity.


I learned scientifically-proven facts about the exciting breakthroughs in the brain’s neuroplasticity, and how to train you to change your life by learning how to literally “rewire” your brain for success. I use that knowledge in my coaching along with personalized audio to help you attain your desired goals. Once we hard-wire your new success programs through hypnosis, I can guide you though your goal setting process so you have a clear roadmap to your dreams. This system is, in my opinion the ultimate for goal-setting, health and fitness, family, relationships, weight-loss, stress, sports, business, network marketing, and many other high impact training areas